Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dresser Dress Up

Hello!  Long time no post, eh?

Here is a "before picture of my dresser... Notice the large cat acting silly in the front of the picture... That's my kitty.  If he knew I was posting this picture, I am sure he would make me take it down.  He has much cuter poses. 

So the dresser in question is the college garage sale find that hasn't seem to have been replaced yet.  I picked up a free project idea card from a craft store that had upholstered drawers and it was so cute!  I decided it was the perfect non-heirloom piece to try it out on, and found the fabric in a clearance section when it was half off the reduced price... Score!  I think it turned out pretty well, wouldn't you say?  
So there you have it.  A redone, bargain shopped, garage sale find!

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